Friday, April 24, 2009

Simply Photo

Simply Photo by Jennifer Causey

still life breakfast photos make me happy, I don't know why but I just love them...simply photo

went to see the John Lennon art exhibition in Amsterdam and dreaming of buying a breakfast-in-bed-print,lol
you find me and my vintage this week at Diana's beautiful blog please sir
enjoy your weekend


Mette said...

Enjoy your weekend too. I'm reading in the garden. I've just washed the fabric for your pillow.

Allison said...

Sehr schön... A very nice feature on you. From the comments, it looks like a lot of other people really enjoyed it too. Have a great weekend!

Sandra... said...

The simply things are the bests!!
Good weekend!!

kim / savannah gourmet said...

hi kay - you win!!! since there were only 2 comments on the coffee giveaway, i've decided to send you each a bag, so send me your address when you can - happy weekend!

Kaylovesvintage said...

kim, thanks that is great..we love coffee..will be fun to made my day

Mette..enjoy my dear ..and soon we will have coffee together

thanks Allison( hope the weather is good in HH)
Sandra...will try your bottle deco later..looks great & so simple

jen laceda said...

We'll be back in Paris in less than a week! Can't wait for breakfast in bed, Parisian style!

amy said...

There's so much hope in breakfast pictures, the light is so new, everything seems new! Have the best weekend Kay!

mizu designs said...

I just love that Jon and Yoko photo. I also love the one of them in bed during their 'bed-in' protest of the war in Vietnam.

Joyce said...

I hope your weekend was a great one!

please sir said...

Lovely - and thanks for the link love! Your finds are amazing and I felt honored just to post them - thanks again!