Friday, June 19, 2009

perfect little day

got this little print from kseniy , which makes me smile
lot's to do this weekend... art fair and a summer market at the beach but I hope there is time for same reading and drinking a lot's of coffee..enjoy

you can find me here
simply photo


Anonymous said...

your blog is good .
I like it.

MODsquad said...

So great!

Just saw you on SF Girl... great photo!! Yeah!

Happy Weekend!

Joyce said...

Have a golden weekend at the art fair and market! xoxxo

gardenmama said...

Loving that print, brings me back to my days of listening to the Smiths, Morrissey and The Cure... enjoy your weekend! Great links.

mamas kram said...

Great photo and nice link!
Wish you a wonderful weekend with a lot of time to drink coffee!
Hugs, Doris

anna said...

ha -- this is great.

have a great weekend, kay!

koralee said...

Just found your lovely blog...what fun it is to read...your weekend sounds splended! Enjoy!