Monday, October 5, 2009


I'm tagged by Aikawarayu life in Japan.

The rules are to post the 10th pitcure in your first photo file
and tell the story behind it
and then tag a nice person

here we go:

this is my number 10, it's my living room in Spring
couple of years ago, my little Me-corner

I'm tagging my french connection in Warsaw Lou et Tom


Heather said...

That is a gorgeous space, and a beautiful picture

jgy said...

I love it,
I am going to do my morning meditation right now in front of it..

jgy said...

Thank you.

Francesca said...

I like the concept of a Me-corner in the house.

ibb said...

What is behind budda? Something red trying to hide?

isabelle said...

it is done !!! thanks for the tag !!!

Diana said...

such a great tag