Thursday, March 11, 2010

a touch of orange

I started my chair collection with this orange Philippe Starck chair ,
the best part being all the stories behind each chair....

my week
- still eating to many sweets,lol
- got some more energy
-hope to go to the first  flea market this weekend
-my dad is doing well
-did find my fav cookies at the Tucker Box, I wish the would sell Frankie magazine

nice to know
Kickcan & Conkers has a cool giveaway
- love the work Mister Selby did for Cole Haan


soisses said...

great chair - especially the colour is fantastic. i also love yellow at the moment...

what`s up with your dad?!? i really hope he is fine. wish you the best.

have a nice day,

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Didn't know your dad was ill, hope it's nothing serious.
That's a nice chair - I'm a member of the peeling paint / decayed wood chair brigade, but I appreciate modern design.
Got your message about the art - do visit my Tumblr too, I put a lot on there.
Thanks for the shout out - two entries for you Kay :)

Amy said...

I want that chair.

Rhea said...

Look at you GO!

Those chairs are fabulous.

Glad to hear your Dad is doing better.



Line said...

that chair is wonderful!!!!!

ibb said...

Great orange touch!
If you get bored of it, send will be wellcome.
Have a great flea market weekend.

Cabrizette said...

I love this chair and this crazy designer !!!

Lovely World said...

Nice. I really like the one in the background, though. Happy weekend.

at swim-two-birds said...

great chair! love orange:)

Angie Muresan said...

Love the chair! I always eat too many sweets. And I should know better. Best wishes for your dad, and a fabulous weekend to you.

ivyrossiter said...

I love Frankie magazine! Would you like me to send you one?