Monday, April 26, 2010

early morning

my fav time of the day are early mornings in the weekend when the rest of the family is still sleeping.lot's of ME-time!

what's your fav time of the day???

I love the take away gardens from bacsac
I like Hannah's blog Hello Mister Fox


Ailish said...

Hi there,
Early on weekend mornings is definitely my favourite - I potter around, coffee in hand for a few hours before my sleep-loving boyfriend gets up :)

ps - I'm new to your blog, just found it yesterday and think it is just lovely :)

Kathy said...

My favourite me time is definitely the evenings after my kids have gone to bed. I don't even bother trying to get up before them anymore...they never sleep-in!

soisses said...

hey kay,

i cannot tell you what is my fav time...

sometimes it is the best time of the day, when i am playing with paul; another time i am sooo happy when he is sleeping ;-)

hope you are fine.
hug dani

HRANDICA said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you'll come around soon.
Favourite part of the mornings, but I'm nor morning tipe. I'm gethering energy for the afternoon and evening.Then I have more ideas to create.:-)

Lady Ren said...

late at night when I can read read and read. My monkeys get up before me ALWAYS.
lovely blog and nice to meet you.

Haust said...

This looks so peaceful and cozy! As always, your photos inspire me!