Thursday, August 26, 2010


It  was my first fashion week in Copenhagen this summer, which I really did enjoy .

The streetwear is just the best in Copenhagen...
so many beautiful women...
I just love the way they bring fashion into daily life (they always look good)

-on a rainy day ( like today) I love-

the Killing 2 (Forbrydelsen)

baking muffins
my new trousers from Vila

have a look at apent hus (cool blog)

 and the best news, my friend Amy just had a cute little  boy with a cool name


read me... said...

Girls on bikes look so cool, just not so safe in London
: (

Congratulations to your friend Amy, hope she's as thrilled with her little man as I am with mine!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great photos- I would love to have a rainy day and make muffins!

It is still super hot here!

Lovely World said...

This is a good list of links. And, may I look so good when I ride off on my bike!

Åpent hus said...

For real!?? :)
That's so cool
I am thrilled you enjoy my stuff!

Best wishes from
Aapent hus / Open house

sarapirat said...

oh! and so do you! happy i found myself through your comment here...

jane said...

yes! they are cool. looks like you had a lovely summer. i had fun catching up with you. sending you a big hug hello:)