Tuesday, November 8, 2011

girlie talk

After a good class in the Gym (body balance) this morning I left sweaty and happy, lol.
I went to see my  friend Yvonne. She wanted me to help her rearrange her livingroom .
We had  lots of fun!

How often do you change your home deco???
I seen some really nice furniture and co in the new John Lewis catalogue.
Also nice to mix vintage with some new pieces.

-I really like Odette in New York

and this is for Smokin Jo Fraser, rest in peace 


Fru Sommer said...

i just redecorated with new pictures in the livingroom.
hi from denmark ;)

Roboti und da Höm said...

Gosh, I change my deko nearly every week...

Coco said...

I almost never change my deco. I'm very fond of my deco :) I do have one branch that i painted white and with christmas I hang some special christmas decoration on there. I try to go with the seasons: hearts with valentines, easter eggs and stuff but i tend to forget...