Tuesday, July 2, 2013

feel good

If the weather permits
we spend most of the time outside in the moment.
Our terrace is part of our living room.
And after 6 o'clock
it  turns to a cozy dinning area.
On colder evenings we sit there
with our sweaters and blankets.
sweet summer time... Makes you feel good. 
see you,
PS: the cutest print I have seen for a long time Het Raafje by Gwen Stok


Mars said...

Your garden is great!
My parents own a veranda and I like to sit there when it's warm and raining :)

Indre Z. said...

I love your eating place with that exciting view in your wild and wonderful garden.

mano said...

so beautiful!!

ibb said...

Could make me feel so so good!

betsy said...

I just love it!