Friday, August 9, 2013

good old Germany

 cool beaches

friendly people

 good food

lots of vintage

Good old Germany... you are a wonderful place to go on holidays. Lots of great food, also a lot cheaper then at home. A place full of great vintage. Guess we can call it vintage heaven.

We love it.

see you,


EchtAnyta said...

Totally agree. I live near the German border. We often visit our beautiful and friendly neigh
bours (Munster f.e.)

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

That´s what I think about the Netherlands :-)!

Sunny greetings,

ZeitSprungVintage said...

That´s what I think about Sweden !!


Iris Vank said...

Pretty pics!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

I have a friend in Berlin named Florian Schwanhausser who's in real estate. I have said for years that I should go for a visit and let him show me the town from top to bottom.

jurianne said...

Kay, I completely agree! Germans understand the art of taking care of guests, they serve the best food (not expensive at all), and their country is so diverse, just awesome!
Those dried flowers, by the way...haven't seen them since the seventies ;-) where did you see them? Do you know what they are called? I would love to make long garlands with hem...

Fleur de Boheme said...

Ohhh I get homesick when I read this - and so many lovely comments about my home country :-)

Living in Denmark, I have to say that it is a nice country full of great fleamarkets and vintage treasures, but also very very expensive and the Danes are not always particularly friendly..... And Christ do I miss the delicious German food, the cosy cafés and many reataurants! You certainly do not have that here in DK!

Nalle said...

Happy hunting, Kay!

barbarabeesblog said...

Wow, who would have thought that we germans and our country is so popular - we think the same always of all others.
BarbaraBee (Hamburg)

missy Sharon said...

Yes, I Agee Germans are very friendly and knows how entertain guest