Wednesday, December 25, 2013

driving home for Christmas

I grew up celebrating Christmas in the most traditional way possible. In the beginning I used to go home for Christmas to spend time with my family.

For the last 30 years I have been traveling to the States, Italy, Germany or the UK celebrating Christmas wherever I was in December. So at first is was strange for me to spend Christmas at home in the Netherlands... but then we enjoyed it very much because it's so relaxed and we don't have to travel. Guess it's time to start a few new Christmas traditions...
  • having a nice Christmas cake, normally we bake cookies
  • watching a Christmas movie together
  • making Christmas ornament
  • playing records
  • wearing silly Christmas sweaters
Not sure where we will be next year at Christmas  but it would be pretty cool if  Mister Kay could make a Frank Llody Wrights gingerbread house.

Enjoy some peaceful Christmas days,

PS: Santa from Kay Bojesen


ibb said...

We always make the parents, and at grandmum´s. Hope you enjoyed a lot!
Best wishes for these days.

Frau Pabst said...

Hi Kay, I missed "Die Märchenbraut" this year, always makes me smile how many girls in how many countries love this movie.

Mette said...

As you know, we are always with my family, but I'm longing for a Christmas "home", just the 5 of us. I miss to cook my own Christmas dinner. We did that a couple a years ago and my hubby and I enjoyed making food together. The girls found it boring......

tove said...

Oh, that movie is so wonderful!! And Fallingwater in gingerbread? That's just amazing!! I hope you can convince mister Kay:-) Your cake looks fantastic, so does the ornament and cards. Is that blue and white dish Dutch pottery? We usually spend Christmas at home (except for this year in New York) and have either mine or my husbands parents with us. It's very cosy and relaxed! Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!!