Monday, January 6, 2014

Minnie Riperton

I have been searching for such a long time to find Minnie Riperton's album Perfect Angel on vinyl, so hard to find! So I was chuffed to find it in my local charity shop (very close to home).

Love hearing about good charity shop finds. Send me a link or photos.

Leaving you with loving you by Minnie Riperton.

see you,

PS: cute little shop Love Mae


Die kleine Werkstatt said...

We love to buy in Kringloopwinkel in the Netherlands. That are charity shops right? If yes: our last finds I showed a few posts ago (coat and tablet).

Wonderful singer but a hard fate :-(.

Warm regards,

KHanna said...

Found the frame in the right color that was sold out at Ikea at the time. It was half a price, that was even better...

tove said...

Oh, thank you sooo much for reminding me of her, she was so lovely!! Such a shame that she passed away at such an early age. Love that song, childhood memories:-)