Sunday, February 2, 2014


 Linda Nieuwstad... love her work

Ferm Living... I want

cool and crazy sweater man

 House of Rym... I want them in my home,
love the new blue cup

Engel... paper love

There is still time to pay a visit to Show Up on Monday.

I saw some really nice things I would love to have in my home. Can't wait to see them in the shops around town.

see you,

He was fantastic in The Hunger Games...
We will miss him Philip Seymore Hoffman


Anonymous said...

thanks for the show up impressions! I wish I could have made it. Next time ... Hugs, Sabine

Mette said...

Great photos, my dear!

Stephanie said...

Haha...the sweater man!!!! And I want EVERYTHING from house of rym!!!

Merle said...

I really like house of rym!

ibb said...

I think i have the same wishlist