Monday, August 25, 2014

blue, blue and more blue


Crazy about the color blue.

In the last couple of weeks I got a couple of new colors for the house. Love the rich dark blues. Looking forward to start painting Raven Plume from Duplex for upstairs,
Drawing Room Blue from Farrow & Ball for my cupboard and Celadon from Sanctuary Homebase for the kitchen

Weather has changed quite a bit the last week and it is getting colder here. There is an early autumn feeling in the air and I feel like nesting.

see you,

PS: nice fashion blog capture the castle.


Die kleine Werkstatt said...

The wall has got a really great blue!!!
I need a blue sky!!!

Have wonderful days,

pfefferminzgruen Christin said...

The wall color is a big hit.
I like it very much.
Greetings Christin