Saturday, January 24, 2015

peaceful and organised

Trying to live my life a bit more peaceful and organised.
Trying to keep it simple.
Trying to make more things (Mr Kay is much better in DIY).
Trying to be more calm (just like Elvis).
Not sure if that will work... ?

Wishing you all a fine weekend,

Love Tanssi from Iittala by Klaus Haapaniemi

This time I managed to get tickets for JamesVincent McMorrow in June. That made my weekend, guess trying to be organised is working, lol.


Merle said...

spring is in the house, looks wonderful.

Ibb Ibnz said...

So beautiful flowers..I bought some tulips today...and reminds me to Amsterdam...

Miri Vandre blandt ege said...

Wonderful ! I think I can smell the flowers :)

Kirjailijatar said...

I love your cat, lovely. And also those flowers, I don´t know their name in english...but those flowers reminds me about spring.

swig said...

… and lovely!
warm greetings from Paris!

Tante Mali said...

Your pictures are so peaceful and charming! Love them!
Have a good time and all my best