Tuesday, June 2, 2015

slow life

Life is good and nice and slow. I'm trying to find a nice calm way of balancing my busy life.

At the end of the garden a swan is nesting... so I started bird watching... that sounds like senior citizen talking.

I was lucky to find a nice piece of Marimeko fabric at the car boot sale. Also there is a swan living in our house now. I wanted one of them for a long time.

see you,

PS: Good life experience


Moon said...

Lucky you! Dat is leuk, zo'n mooi stukje Marimeko op de kop tikken! Prachtige rotans ook!

Ibb Ibnz said...

Just the self here. Trying that slow life...each moment, with calm, in the hurry of the day.
Love that marimmekko...lucky girl!
Enjoy calm weekend in the beautiful garden