Tuesday, January 5, 2016

daily life

This January has been rolling along, we are back to daily life. Not easy to get up in the morning. Back in the gym and also my running is going well, guess I spend most of my money on new trainers in the moment.

Our home looks really cozy in the moment and Mister Kay has been busy again. He painted  Nila's room in a cool blue. Totally love that color.

Stay warm.

see you,

PS : my fav winter drink Korean Honey Citron tea
and there is some new music in the house Ryan Adams

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Moon said...

Ik mis de extra vrije tijd van de kerstvakantie. Had nog zoveel te doen, wat nu nog steeds gedaan moet worden, maar met alles back to normal kom ik tijd tekort. Wat heeft de kat (of is het een ze?) een mooi vachtje!