Saturday, May 29, 2010

it's that weekend feeling

you know that wonderful weekend feeling

- no alarm clock in the morning
- late breakfast /brunch
- time to read the newspaper
- no stress
- one more coffee...or two
- happiness
- laziness
- a Sunday lie-in.

Congratulations to IVYROSSITER( please send me your address) you won the Argyle Tights  from
Sock Theory(I love them on you tube)

Tonight , yes I will watch the Eurovision Song Contest with some friends, will you???


jasnobłękitna said...


wood & wool stool said...

i think this is exactly how a perfect weekend is meant to be.

Margith said...

Enjoy your weekend.

angelina said...

empty cups & glasses mean happy faces!

Helmi said...

Ja, heerlijk zo'n weekend. Helaas geld dat niet voor mij ik mag een open-dag doen bij RICK. Maar ik plak de maandag aan mijn weekend vast.
Groet, Helmi

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say; 'Yes exactly' when I saw your photo's.
hope you are having a good sunday.

Debbie said...

It`s Sunday today...
And I`m still in my pj`s!


kristina - no penny for them said...

ah, the ESC was so much fun! i loved the crazy costumes... :)

really like that last pic of the wine glasses. makes me think of wonderful day in paris two years back.

Belinda said...

dat heerlijke gevoel als je 's avonds (of 's nachts) je bed instapt met het besef dat de wekker niet gezet hoeft! dat is misschien wel het lekkerste moment van het weekend!

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Haust said...

I love your weekend posts, there's such good mood in them!

Wishing you a lovely week!