Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tell me more

tell me what are you reading
in the moment??

we got all the cozy winter blankets out
and I have been stocking up on candles

did I tell you

-  that I did have  coffee with the lovely Nina
-  I did spend lots of money on a  dark purple Chanel nail color
 ( hope Mister Kay is not reading this, lol)
-  thinking of going ice skating once a week
-  I did bring back lots of Ginger cookies from the Uk
   ( I try to save them till Christmas, lol)
-  that I want lots of mushrooms ornaments in my christmas tree this year
-  that I love the work from Edward Bawden
- did get a second vintage pillow from Zoe when I was in Whistable
  ( wonderful person and so good with fabric)

there is so much more...I could talk about but I should do some work now...!Soon more.

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Tabiboo said...

...a book with the little ones all about a kitty cat.

Nina x

Anonymous said...

I just spent LOTS of money on a pair of Chanel sunglasses! Thanks so much for the link to the Christmas traditions, it is very interesting.
Have a great week!

april said...

my dear friend. i've to buy candles too. and oh chanel. i'd like to buy orange fizz. we'll see. like dark purple too. i'm sure you would like the book zehn from franka potente. but i don't know if there is a english version of it yet. at the moment i read: northline from willy vlautin. but can't say if i like it or not. it's more sad at the moment. i heard about a wonderful love story from max urlacher: rückenwind. and i'm also looking forward to read the keith richard biography: life. what's about you? what are you reading in the moment? wish you happy and cozy days*

soisses said...

it`s so boring: i am still reading mathematical or physical books...

cate said...

mmm, dark purple chanel. a girl has to have a treat from time to time. that polish will last a long time.

what am i reading? so many children's books and, just for me, i am rereading SPIRITUAL MIDWIFERY by ina may gaskin. love the 60's language and the way it makes me feel like my labor might be euphoric this time.

likeschocolate said...

Sounds like a great week! I hate the most amazing apple cake.