Wednesday, November 24, 2010


If I would have a shop, it would be a bookstore or a Kitchenaliashop.

Utility is a small & wonderful shop in Brighton, very much my kind of shop. Always good to stock up
on tea towels  and candles. Great place for christmas shopping.

-my blog of the week


Elisabeth said...

Looks very nice.

If you had a shop, I would want to visit it :)

Laura said...

I have the same floor in my kitchen!!!

monkeemoomoo said...

What a gorgeous little store. Yes this would be just the little shop I would love to own:)

What a joy to go here everyday to work.

fergusandme said...

looks fab! i love the drying rack -- :)

cate said...

yes! and you would also have me spending all of my money on your things because you have such a good eye, kay.

happy thanksgiving! xoxo

Varsovie Accueil said...

if you had a shop I am sure my banker would not allow me to visit ... happy week end to you !!

isabelle said...

sorry I posted with the wrong id (Varsovie Accueil !!)