Wednesday, February 9, 2011

spring cleaning

I started with a  midweek spring cleaning
this morning .
Sometimes I wonder where all the dust comes from?

I made a list what to do..but when I look at
Elvis ..I can  think about 10  things I
rather do than spring cleaning,lol

coffee with the girlfriends, reading, baking chocolate chip cookies,going on a photo shoot, getting some
Tomato seeds for my greenhouse, make some calls, yoga ,
watch TV( like midsummer murders ),go for a walk....and ..and

- on my wishing list
Amelias magazine


Roboti und da Höm said...

I guess nearly everything is better than a little spring cleaning :-)
Baking with cups and vintage hunting - sounds perfect to me!

Bethany Hissong said...

As soon as the sun came out (finally) I could see all the dust around here too! Elvis looks exactly like Chloé in this photo! I agree with your list of things you'd rather be doing... yoga is next on mine!

Helmi said...

Spring!!! ik gister de ramen gewassen. Heerlijk die voorjaarskriebels.
grt, Helmi

Anonymous said...

Your Elvis kitty knows what to do
just enjoy life
oh to be a cat.....................

AlewivesGirl said...

I'm doing some spring cleaning too!

Got three piles of clothes: one pile to donate, one pile for the clothing swap I am going to with my girlfriends and one pile of stuff that I am just not ready to part with!



soisses said...

das geht mir jedes mal ganz genauso. es gibt so viel besseres zum tun. aber wenn ich - jetzt wo die sonne zum vorschein kommt - die fenster betrachte wird mir ganz anders. ich muss auch ran. dringend!!!

ich liebe dein sofa! die farbe, der schnitt, einfach perfekt. name, preis, woher?

gruß dani

Anonymous said...

Your house looks perfectly clean to me! ;-)

Nalle said...

I would take a nap with Elvis...
cleaning can wait.

jus said...

I knew I wasn't alone out there... a fellow Midsommer Murder devotee!! My heart is singing... x