Friday, March 18, 2011

cheesecake cupcake

This weekend I want to do nothing/niets/nix..
just taking it easy.

 I love vintage blankets(comforters), first time I saw them on a norse blog.
My orange one I got in Denmark last summer.
Nila has a purple one and I am
still looking for some more.

Cupcake with a  light not to sweet strawberry cheesecake frosting, really yummy
Now I wonder how I can make a frosting  just like that???

We love/like/want
  • Tim Knol (great voice)
  • my fav print of the week  is from Natascha Rosenberg  (guess that's the way I feel in the moment)
  • those little funny yellow easter cookies, lol
see you


likeschocolate said...

That cupcake looks amazing. I hope it tasted as good as it looks.

Arctic Mum said...

I love vintage blankets too! I have two, a blue and a pink, and I'm always on a lookout. I came over this online shop at Epla (equivalent as Etsy) that sell some :

Anonymous said...

Have a nice weekend. Relax ;-D

Roboti und da Höm said...

I love doing nothing at weekends! And this is exactly what I will be doing - nothing :-)

Love the cupcakes!

soisses said...

zuckerguss kenn ich nur aus puderzucker, wasser und evtl. zitronensaft... dieser sieht komplexer aus - als ob da eierschaum mit untergerührt ist. baiser-ähnlich wirkts. also wie eiweiß geschlagen, mit zucker vermengt und im ofen gebacken.

ich liebe auch vintage decken. hab aber bisher nur wenige.

lieben gruß dani

Nalle said...

I love those blankets from 60s&70s.
Great finds!

*Marie* said...

Lovely lovely blankets!!! Love the retro style.....and the cupcake ..mmmmmh:) hugs *Marie*

Merle said...

I don't have weekends, I have to work! That cupcake looks really good!
Yes, I have painted the String shelves in white, I like them more in whihte in my small apartment, looks lighter :)
Have a relaxed weekend!

soisses said...

mr. kay ist ein schatz - kein wunder, ist ja dein mann ;-)

sean the prawn said...

Kay,I love the look of those cosy vintage blankets as well, especially in florals.
Cupcake looks so yummy.