Sunday, March 27, 2011

garden & seeds

Now is the time to work in the garden, so we have a little paradise in the summer.Mister Kay has lot''s of new plans for the garden, guess I''m still a bit lazy in the moment, lol.

Melissa from New Zealand sent me some seeds a couple of months ago. It will be fun to see if they grow in this part of the world. Also we will be going to Kent in couple of weeks and I'm looking forward to visit the car boot sales because I do not just buy vintage there but also flower seeds and my fav tomato plants.

Send me a mail, if you feel like swapping flower seeds.


A Little Happier said...

What a nice picture!

Roboti und da Höm said...

I have never tried gardening with seeds, guess I am too lazy for this :-).

Valloittava valkoinen said...

So lovely flower!

Have great monday!