Wednesday, July 6, 2011




Life is good this week:
  • not getting up before nine  (normally 6:30)
  • reading the newspapers in bed ( normally on the train)
  • having breakfast at home ( normally in town)
  • yoga  in the garden ( normally with my yoga teacher in class)
  • no make up ( normally yes)
  • staying up late ( normally in bed before midnight) 
  • eating chocolate everyday ( normally only in the weekend)
  • reading, reading, reading  ( normally two pages and I fall asleep, lol)
What are you doing this week ???
see you,


Iris said...

Sleeping late, enjoying nice company and getting ready for my holiday! And some chores, but not too many. ;)

Zosia said...

I am visiting my friends in Toronto, Canada. Hope you got my e-mail about Warsaw (info about sights, transportation, etc.). I sent it about the time when you were in Germany. Enjoy your vacation!

Mi Joya said...

Working lots so i'll be ready to start my holidays next week!!

Lollipop said...

this is a super nice program indeed!!!
I'm still working... 2 more weeks and we'll be out!
enjoy dear kay

ibb said...

Those are hollidays!
Waiting for them!

Anonymous said...

Liebe Kay, Deine Bilder sind immer so wunderschön. Ich liebe Dein Haus und den Garten - wirklich traumhaft! Ich wünsche Dir und Deinen Lieben wunderbare Ferien :-). Liebe Grüße

Christina said...

Sunday I relaxed at home.
Monday I relaxed at the beach.
Yesterday I worked and then watched my dad install a new toilet and vanity in my bathroom. (Gotta love dads.)
Today I'm working.
Tomorrow through Sunday I have off of work and will be relaxing with family.
So I'm having a good week too!

Roboti und da Höm said...

Love your garden!
Your week definitelx sounds better than mine :-)

Franse Lelie said...

The holidays!

MUS said...

sounds like a perfect week. i like your first point ;)
happy summer!