Friday, December 30, 2011

fine little walk

Amsterdam was busy today but also pretty

Street Art by Bustart

Everywhere in town you can get Oliebollen and Appelbeignets (dutch apple fritters),
sweets snacks that are traditionally eaten in the Netherlands on New Years Eve.

All we needed today was a  nice little walk in town today .
Amsterdam is a fantastic place to walk.

see you very soon

Ps: love the work form  Sandra Dieckmann


Les petites choses de la Madame said...

Amsterdam ... definitely a city where Christmas Eve?
Soon a city trip for us there ... if you have good and beautiful places, I take!
I wish you a great and successful year 2012!

Merle mit Gisbert und Hannelore said...

oh, my love amsterdam :)

wish you, mr. kay, and little monster a happy new year!

see you... :)

Nalle said...

That 1st picture is amazing! Reminded me of the one you took from a winter walk on the beach. Loved that one, too.
Have the best New Year's Eve!
ps. what is it with cats and cardboardboxes...

elbmari said...

Two plans I have next year:
- having coffee with you in Hamburg
- having coffee with you in Amsterdam
Guten Rutsch for you and your family, Regina

jane said...

man! i wish i was there! here´s to having a coffee with you in the new year!
big hugs kay!

Arctic Mum said...

Happy New Year!

kati said...

wish you and your family a wonderful, healty, happy new year!

elbmarie said...

Ohhhhh, i Love Amsterdam.... Maybe this Year I'll be there again.... The atmosphere is awsome.... I love it an the the dutch people....
Have a great 2012
Sabine ( thanks for your comment ;-) about HAmburg...)

Ana said...

I love these pictures.