Monday, December 12, 2011

jingle bells

Our home looks cozy , I really enjoy working at home. If you turn on the radio there is some beautiful Christmas music playing all day... only two more weeks to go.

This year I will only send a few Christmas cards but I did send out some nice parcels via snail mail.

Here is my Christmas wishing list:
  • socks (just love winter socks).
  • camera (I really do need a new one... but still not sure what I want, guess I should wait.
  • fancy bag from Oral Kiely or Cathy but then what I really need is a sports bag a la Adidas.
  • sports clothes (I could buy them  myself).
  • books... always good.
  • DVD box set (for the long winter nights).
  • coffee beans, love to try new coffee.
  • wanted one of  those new phones but then I love my pink vintage handy.
  • yankee candles... lots of them, love them with  a touch of vanilla.
  • music, CDs... like the new one from Amy Winehouse.
And you? What do you want for Christmas? Any special wishes?
Having fun here, enjoying making plans for Christmas.

see you


Menthe Blanche said...

I especially like the first photo, colors are beautiful and cozy!

Knoopjes said...

Some candles & warm woolen socks would do!
Love how you decorated your home, looks so nice, calm & comfy.

Anonymous said...

Es ist wirklich sehr gemütlich bei Euch und ich mag die kleinen Dekorationen sehr! Lieber Gruß

flwrjane said...

Good morning from your newest follower.

Your house looks simple and perfectly lovely for the holidays.

Love your tree and vase of ilex berries.

Always socks and sleep.

Mostly want sleep.

xo Jane

Kaylovesvintage said...

@ Jane

nice to have you here

Nalle said...

Love all the candles... so I hope Keisarinna candle stick by Aarikka.

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Love the tree made out of reclaimed wood.

Pfefferminza said...

It really looks so very cozy! I need a new camera too, we´ll see...=)

Verrassend Goed! said...

Nice post, I love the wooden tree!
My wishes are nothing special only to stay healty and have a lot off fun in everything Iam doing.
warm regards,

Kaylovesvintage said...


love the candlestick

mano said...

your house is so cozy! I love the fir tree so much!
my wishes: books and magazines, a new marimekko cup and to spend much time with family and friends.

Fat Cat said...

My favourite photo is the last one. Of course, anything WGP always gets my vote :-)
And the branches look wonderful in that white vase !!!