Friday, September 7, 2012

Arabia jam pots

My latest passion are the jam pots  from
the Ramona Range by Arabia.
Most of the designs are by Raija Uosikkinen (1923-2004).

She worked for Arabia in the 50s and 60s.
The next one on my wishing list is the gooseberry jam pot.
enjoy your weekend,
This weekend the weather will be good so we are planning a trip to the  flea market in Dusseldorf .


wohnraumformer said...

Have fun in Düsseldorf! Do you want to visit the "Aachener"? The P1 is at the 16.9.2012. Or do you want to go to the Gare du Neuss?
You can visit Jil´s at the Tußmannstraße in Derendorf. It´s expensive, but nice.

Nice weekend

Die kleine Werkstatt said...


Sunny regards,

noknittedknickers said...

I love Arabia too. I have a rather lovely orange one, but nothing as grand as the gooseberry one. And those bees! Enjoy your weekend. C.x

Steph said...

This is the prettiest honey pott I ever saw. I already now the strawberrys and leaves from merle, but the bees are just great. Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

2 very nice

Nalle said...

I could look for it from here, if you want. There is a new Juhla Mokka tin, too.

katysclutter said...

Yummy, their fab :)

Heidi said...

Have fun at the flea market in Duesseldorf.

Kaylovesvintage said...

@ Nalle

you know I love to swap

Anonymous said...

Superschön sind die! Ich habe noch eine mit Apfelmotiv, die ich auch sehr mag. Die mit den Erdbeeren hat Merle bekommen. Ich schaue auch immer wieder danach, finde die zu schön!

Liebe Grüße :)