Sunday, September 23, 2012

little walk

In the moment we have great autumn weather. Perfect for a long beach or forest walk.

I tried to convince the family to have tea with me in the garden. But they where not very interested so I ended up having tea alone.

On my tray:

I found the little headhog mask in the Lion Street Store.
The vintage tea cup is from Fire King.
Little bowl from Krenit.
Vintage Soda Stream bottle from Valentines.

Enjoy the rest of the sunday


WSAKE said...

i LOVE fire king things... such beautiful colours and shapes...

Knoopjes said...

Indeed it truely is nice weather for a long walk, too bad I can't convince my men as well.
Love the hedgehog-mask!

Elisa said...

Dreamy Tea party :)

Arctic Mum said...

I would love to have the tea with you in the garden!!

Melissa said...

Having tea with family is great, but sometimes sitting outside in the garden alone can be such a wonderful experience! I love your plate set-up.

<3 Melissa

found and sewn said...

Love the hedgehog mask!!

swig said...

what a perfect still life! warm greetings from Paris!

karen said...

That hedgehog mask makes a very sweet tea companion :0)