Wednesday, February 4, 2009

are you a collector

my girls

do you collect anything? and what is the weirdest collection of things you have heard about?


Fine Little Day said...

What a nice collection.

I collect a whole lot of stuff, mostly kids related stuff.

Katja said...

Hi Kay! I didn't realize that you have a blog, how could I have missed this?! :) Looks great, I'll come back tonight and read more :)

Maaret said...

I collect all kinds of little things, not all of one kind, but I call me a collector anyway. It's so nice to surround yourself with nice things. Oh one really huge collection I have: earrings. I'm addicted :)

anna said...

i only collect piles of pages i've torn from magazines and i can't seem to get them in order!

polkadots said...

Oh, I collect those two! They are so beautiful! I should take some pictures of them and show them in my blog.