Wednesday, February 11, 2009

love is in the air

guess my husband doesn't know when Valentine's day is ,lol( but is not a very big day here in the Netherlands)
so this year I got him a little gift from


polkadots said...

This is the first time I' m going to celebrate this date. So I'm a bit excited, cause my boyfriend, who is more romantic than I am, told me that there will be a surprise for me.
Nice picture, by the way!

polkadots said...

I found the wall plate and most of my cortendorf masks on ebay.
Fortunately I have some fleamarket finds, too. They are better for my moneybag...
Have yourself a nice Valentin's Day, too!

Quail said...

Well, if you are ever in Brixham drop me an email and come on over!

Allison said...

When I first met my husband, he couldn't even tell me what month is Valentine's Day, and I guess that to this day he still cannot name the date. Despite his claimed "ignorance", he is quite the romantic. Very lovely gift.

Black on White said...

How beautiful picture! So simple. So cute.
Funny that your husband didn't know when Valentine's Day is! But I understand. Mens are always mens.
It isn't so remarkable day neither here in Finland.Thanks for the tip. The link was fine!
Have a lovely evening!

P.S I have tagged you on my blog. Check if hadn't noticed!

Jeannette said...

LOL, so funny that he didn't know about Valentine's Day. Make sure he remembers it for next year. But he must feel loved by you when you give him such a sweet gift. Wish I was that romantic.I only made him some nice dinner. But as they say in Dutch: De liefde van de man gaat door de maag(the love of a man goes through the stomach)so I guess I scored with that. :)
Warm greetings, Jeannette