Thursday, February 5, 2009


fine little day

love bookstore's, I can spend hours in there.looking at books and having a cup of coffee.
did have a good book week, 3 new books
-the photo book
-a book from Stieg Larsson and Unni Linderll
I did a swap with Elizabeth from (she send me a very beautiful interior book)


Maaret said...

I would love to have a look into this swedish interior book. You are lucky!

Black on White said...

I love books also! Both old and new. I buy books quite often.
Difficult to explain but it feels so good when you find some special book and can have it to yourself.

Tami said...

love the window of that bookstore!! will be back, fun blog!

anna said...

ooooh, cool books.

i just finished 'girl with the dragon tattoo' yesterday -- is that what you're reading?

sunny said...

The Swedish book you received in the swap has such a gorgeous photo on the cover! Is it filled with lots of organized goodness???

(I'm new to your blog...via doobleh-vay...and I love your blog!)

Kaylovesvintage said...

anna, yes it's the girl with the dragon tattoo, great book

anna said...

i loved it -- enjoy!