Sunday, December 13, 2009


my fav paper stars are from Herrnhuter

-Mi-rachel has a wonderful blog

- christmas party time, I will have my first one this week

have a good week


i n a l u x e said...

I think I need a christmas party too.... or a christmas lie down. how sad is that?! I love your star, and your tree. It looks well settled in there - like it has always belonged. :) Have fun! xo

Catalina said...

I love your little corner!!!

My Christmas party is next Friday.


Ida Susanne said...

I really like your corner, it`s really nice! Love your stars by the way, cute. I think you have a really good blog, and i adore your little cat!!SO ADORABLE!! My Christmas Party is next saturday, WEEEE!!!
Have å nice day:)

AlewivesGirl said...

I love your tree!!!

We're having a Christmas party this week, too. Our party for friends and family is on Saturday night!

Your home looks sooo nice.

Congratulations on the tree!!!



jgy said...

So much Christmas joy!
A winter wonderland, and I can almost hear sleighbells from there...

Anonymous said...

I love your star and the tree. Was wondering how you attach the star to the ceiling?

petra said...

Very nice christmas tree!