Thursday, October 7, 2010

a beauty

Made in the Netherlands, beautiful drawing table designed by Wim Rieveld in the fifties  for the Cirkel group. Looks wonderful in an artist studio.

Soon I should order my 2011 calender. Last year I did have the one from myfolklover and the year before I did have a nice one from Camilla Engman... so what should I get this year??
I do love the work from  blancucha, let's see if she brings out a calender this year?!


Conny said...

I l.o.v.e. your drawing table - it's the perfect size! I have one of similar size that I just can't part with - although my husband wishes I would. Your new table is beautiful! Maybe on it you'll make your own 2011 calendars. Cheers~

le blÖg d'Ötli said...

Yes, a beautiful drawing table!

ibb said...

Love that drawing desk, will be perfect for me, hahaha. Would be, just because I don´t draw as much as computers do all those technical drawings.
I am back. Not still on problems...but quite a bit better with this new internet conexion.
And about calendar..Blanca´s work is so beautiful.

Have a great weekend MY FRIEND

Anonymous said...

i think i will order one from she is printing a fairy tale calendar and work in progress looks wonderful. Xenia

malo said...

Oh, that's a fantastic drawing table. I own a very practical drawing board which I can rig when needed but that's not the same.

LC said...

what a beautiful drawing table! I had to part with mine and I miss it terribly, we still have my partner's, but it has been moved to his artist's studio :( one day though... if and when we may have a bigger home ;) L x