Tuesday, October 5, 2010

books& co

guess is time for autumn clothes?!

new book

my neigbour is so sweet

How is your week going? The weather is wonderful here .
We got new windows yesterday ,looks great   
and a good moment to change our office again,lol

Tell me what makes you happy in the moment? 

cool new blog Kitschenklatsch


gardenmama said...

such gorgeous images kay!
yes, what a sweet neighbor you have!
do i see the start of a crochet blanket!? what makes me happy in the moment... i am enjoying the nature trails around our home during this colorful autumn season, it is refreshing to my soul.

Arctic Mum said...

You know we have a strange Indian Summer here, I've never experienced this in October. Like being somewhere else.

Heidi said...

I love "Kitschenklatsch"!...My week is going good, weather is beautiful, most of my flowers are still blooming or blooming again, looking forward to our vacations. What a wonderful neighbour you have!..Enjoy your week, Kay!

likeschocolate said...

Being able to wear a sweater again. Happy October!

wood & wool stool said...

time for tights
on the couch with a crochet
a cup of tea and some books
doesn't sound too bad...