Monday, December 6, 2010

Dear Santa

I was wondering today if I should make a wishinglist for Santa aka Mister Kay this year? Guess I will make two lists, the first one is my  "one day I would love ... "  list and the second one is a "would be nice to have & easy to find' list.

my  "one day I would love ..." list
- a green  vintage Vivienne Westwood dress
- Kinect Yoga (I know I don't need it, lol)
- red Chanel lipstick (red is not my color but is nice to have,lol)
- a green  (more olive-grey) color  yogamat (I know the color is not easy to find)
- running shoes, I would love some in the colors purple with silver (better look for them myself,lol)

 my ''would be nice to have & easy to find" list
- peppermint bark (oh well you have to call the family in the States, they don't sell it here)
- books (would you know what I like??)
- music,  the sound of the Westcoast 1965....that's easy to find??
- art...but then I love to buy art for myself
- sweets (remember I like the ones you don't like) like Sherbet Lemons or Boots candybars

oh Santa aka Mister Kay I know I'm not easy...but I'm sure you will do well.

tell me about your list? Love his list


ibb said...

Wish lists...
- More travels
- More friend´s moments.
- More cooking moments...

Other wish lists...I have been writing one this afternoon...

- Crochet puf from Ferm Living
- Tivoli or woodden radio
And lots of little details...

soisses said...

the lists are a fantastic idea!!!

i would love to have one day:
too much design classics ;-)

hey, i am waiting for a pin-up-pic.

have a lovely santa-evening,
yours dani

katiecrackernuts said...

I just take my partner, point at said object (under $50) and turn my back hoping the hint will be taken. The real surprise for me come Christmas morning is whether or not it was.

Roboti und da Höm said...

What a lovely idea to make a wish list!
I'd love to have a porcelain deer, lots of design books and time!