Thursday, December 23, 2010

mystery house

let's dream a bit, I think this house could be in a movie , which movie  you think it should be in ??
The Holidays or Harry Potter??  Or ?


String said...

Such a lovely blog! My partner and I say if we didn't live in Brighton the only other place for us would be Amsterdam!

soisses said...

ohhh ja, wie schön. ich sehe gerade ein verliebtes mädchen über die brücke rennen... beschwingt, weil verliebt ;-)

ich wünsche dir/euch von herzen ein wunderschönes & besinnliches weihnachtsfest! genieße die feiertage.

ganz lieben gruß von dani

Anonymous said...

Something by Dickens. I immediately thought of the character in Great Expectations who had a moat and bridge to his enclave.