Sunday, June 5, 2011

good old Germany

Beach Yoga

I got a new fav beach

One day we should rent a camper for a weekend
on the beach, so retro

We had a long weekend at the beach  in North Germany
Wonderful  large beach and great food.
Bratkartoffeln with prawns.
Tell me about your weekend??


Frau Haselmayer said...

This looks SOOOOO much better than my weekend! I miss the beach!

aaaandreaaaa said...

Banana Cake Baby. :)

Nalle said...

VW- my favourite!
We have been outdoors a lot and visited one graduation party.

Rarerina said...

Look great. I also want to do yoga on the beach and rent a camper. Still I´m very happy with my rainy, long week end up north. I´ve done so many things on my list.
Have a nice week!

Merle und Gisbert said...

Yeah Schleswig-Hostein is the best :) I was at the beach in Kiel!

ibb said...

Nothing more than eat, drink and sleep. Not was so bad.

No plans for summer...problems at work...sniff

marga.marina said...

oh these kites are pretty!
we spent much time in the forest:

Amy said...

I looove the camper and the house on stilts!

Datt said...

Oh, I would love to put my house on stilts on the beach! :P

Andrea said...

I like your yoga buddies~~ Our weekend was quiet, but we needed that.

A Little Happier said...

I would love to take a nap in this house on the beach!
My week end will be pretty quiet... reading... music and nature

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Oh, I was there with my parents when I was 2 years!

Wonderful photos from you - the car is a dream!

Warm regards,

jgy said...

Art and yoga on the beach--
so perfect!

Heidi said...

We used to own a VW like this one when we were still in Germany. It looks like you had a great time.