Sunday, June 19, 2011

house plants

I got lots of plants in my garden & greenhouse  but in my home
I only got two plants. An orchid & a carnivorous plant

this week:

- we have been brainstorming about  a new Japan project.

- thinking about going surfing. I bet Taj  Burrow would be a cool teacher.

- went to Haarlem (love that Friday feeling in the city).

- Origami Mushroom  (I wish I could make this one).

enjoy your weekend


Pfefferminza said...

Hi Kay,
just wanted to say "HELLOOO". Haven´t left a comment for ages, but now blogger wokrs again and here I am. Very nice relaxed picutres of your home and garden, as ususal ;-).
Have a nice sunday and a stressless week!

Tania said...

The Middle is raising a collection of fly-eating carnivorous plant things. Just to distract himself while the dead stick insects soak in a bath of salt in an effort to be framed and preserved on his wall as well as in the hereafter. Cripes...

Sandra Monat said...

I also prefer plants outside, although I have about 4-5 in my home, not looking so good as yours

ibb said...

A new Japan Project? What´s about? Any help?
I have some inside, I have no outside...