Friday, June 8, 2012

weekend feeling

I started my Friday early in the morning with a spinning class. It's exhausting but I really enjoy it.

In the first photo you see my new collection of Monskeys. These are special designs for the european football competition. They are so cute and I only need five more to complete this set.

The black cat from Goebel has been on my wishing list for a long time, great gift from Miss Merle (thanks my dear).

Just finished our Friday night supper club, our special tread was carrot cake and coffee.

Have a good weekend


PS : need some new books, tell me what are you reading????


hierbinichdasprinzesschen said...

the cake looks delicious !! greets from düsseldorf

Chris said...

Another great post!!! I'm reading, "A Walk On The Beach: Tales Of Wisdom From An Unconventional Woman" by Joan Anderson. I bought it together with another one by the same author a while ago now. I must say I was needing something to read and thinking about buying new books. But then I looked on my book shelf and found these two again which I hadn't read yet, plus a few others some in English and a couple of Dutch ones too.
So no new books for me at the moment, aah I do feel sorry for myself LOL!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!
Groetjes Chris Xx

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Reading - not in this moment. We are in a heavy renovation :-). Love you cake, yummie!

All the best,

Iris Vank said...

That cat is cute! I've just read a book by Milan Kundera. So impressive.

Anonymous said...

Hi. Spinnig is great, after exercise You'll be almoust death by happy. I know something about this ;)

About books... Yeah, Kundera is great. Do You know Ann B. Ragde? She wrote three part of novel about willage in Norwey. Really great. Try it. {2004: Berlin Poplars - that is the firs part}

.tonBouton. said...

Boekentips hier!

Fijn weekend!

Duse Pasteller said...

Love that radio!!
Happy weekend!:)

Knoopjes said...

Great cat, love the monskeys as well. I am reading 22 Brittannia Ros & already started in Extremely loud and incredibly close.

ps your vase is up on my blog. :)

ibb said...

Asa novel for summer days.

Kerry said...

Haruki Mirukami: 1Q84

My favorite author!