Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympics London

Is it just me or is everyone surprisingly excited by these
Olympic Games?

We are home and the weather is wonderful. Finally is fun to be in the garden.
Next week we are off to the UK, need to have a taste of the Olympics.
To get in the mood we got some of the  Athletes from playmobil( how you can see I'm having fun,lol)

enjoy your weekend

PS: we love  Strawberry Cheese, yellow lemonade and watermelons in the moment.

I really want this book from Son  Emirali  ( I miss my local newsagent)


la casita said...

The opening cerimony was amazing...thank goodness some clever folks choose Danny Boyle, I especially loved the bit of the NHS with the kids and staff of GOSH hospital ( I wonder if mr Cameron got the message! ;^) Have fun in London, I will go opposite direction hoping to enjoy a bit of sea, sun and the great outdoors! x

Kaylovesvintage said...

@la casita

enjoy summer