Sunday, November 11, 2012

popcorn and co

Sunday treats. Homemade juice, popcorn and BoligLiv, my fav magazine from Denmark.

My favorite bag. No vintage but it has the vintage look.

Not moving much today.
So many things on my to-do-list... Too many.

On my wish list:
 the Süße Weihnachten (a tiny cook book)
both from Wsake.

see you

PS: blog of the week Simple Hue


WSAKE said...

you´re so sweet... i´d love to make your wish come true :)

popcorn would be great to start this grey morning...

Isabelle said...

The black Xmas cards are beautiful ... thanks for the link !

Emil und die großen Schwestern said...

oh, die tasche! ich mag sie! bitte mit popcorn gefüllt! liebe grüße, éva

Gila said...

Really nice bag!