Thursday, January 3, 2013

more time

New York Drawings by  Adrian Tomine.

I promised myself to take some more time to read this year.

Just needed some flowers this morning

This  week:

  • I started to read the new book from Jo Nesbo, I just love Harry Hole.
  • We don't watch much television anymore but we're watching series.
  • Just started with Games of Thrones

see you,


PS: Saipua is a very cool flower shop.


ibb said...

I have just bought two books, the new of Alessandro Baricco and Signatura 400 from Sophie Divry.
Now I need to switch tv off and take a time to read!
Love your morning it is not so easy to find fresh flowers without paying a lot!

Stephanie said...

Harry Hole is so cool!

Stephanie said...

Wow, really nice pics!

Mette said...

I like Harry Hole - a lot! I read his latest book, when we were in Provence. Uuuuha, it was good.