Friday, October 4, 2013

beautiful fall

The last  couple of days have been crazy, so it was nice that we had a day off today.
I have  a new app for vintage lovers living in the Netherlands. The Vintage Detective. That makes vintage hunting very easy. Looking forward to try a new town.
see you,


querido diário said...

:) beaautiful house!

Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Love your home!

Have a wonderful friday,

Stephanie said...

Beautiful! Have a nice relaxed weekend :)

Dees said...

O my that app is amazing!!!and sooooo convient ...I am thinking of doing a 60/70 make over in my home and I am already on the lookout for nice vintage things :-)))thank you so much for sharing!!!!hugs D

jèce said...

I love your world and then I think these things can please you,
this guy makes huge candles filled with sea and waves, it's beautiful!