Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Market

Just got home from a long day at the market. As you can see I had a good time.
Weather was great, lots of friendly people...  and some cool shoes.

Time to put my feed up and relax.


PS: How was your weekend?


Merle said...

OH NO!!! I missed the poodle sneakers :(

INCK said...

haha, perfect :-)
My feet are already on the couch.
It was a great day!

Die kleine Werkstatt said...


Have a great week!

mano said...

so funny! the 4th picture...!!
and I love nina fuehrers knitwear collection very much!


nice shoe collection!
i love it!!!

Frau Mahlzahn said...

Actually, the blue Adidas shoes are kinda cool, I think I'd actually wear those...

So Long,

Frau Mahlzahn said...

Waaaah! Can't find the blue adidas boots online. Only in black... But they just aren't as cool in black, ;-(,

So long,

Kaylovesvintage said...


yes the blue shoes are really cool.
If I see the girl in town I asked her where she got them