Friday, October 11, 2013


I met Marga from Storytiles at the Woonbeurs. I have seen the Storytiles in town before so it was easy for me to decides which one I wanted for our home.

enjoy your weekend,



Die kleine Werkstatt said...

Love them!

Have a wonderful day,

kleine Schwester said...

I love it and added this shop/site to my favorites. thanks for sharing, Kay !
Greetings Katinka

Dees said...

ohhhh I love the ones with riding hood on them!!!thanks for sharing!

Nalle said...


tove said...

Love these, Kay!! You're so good at finding new, amazing designers, thanks for sharing them with the rest of us! I adore the one with the houses in the background, reminds me so much of the old dutch masters. lovely!!

ibb said...

They are lovely!

swig said...

my mother in law has a collection of old Dutch tiles – perhaps I should complete it? (but I love the modern ones too!
warm greetings from grey Paris!