Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas mood

After my trip to the Christmas market  last weekend I'm totally in the christmas mood. My living room looks like a Christmas elf workshop. Yesterday I did get some gifts from the local shops for my family & friends in the USA and UK.

I also made a trip to the garden center to get some more winter berries, mistletoe and candles. In the next couple of days we got some december highlights coming...

- this friday a christmas party with my bookclub (always good)
- 5.12 Sinterklaas (dutch Christmas)
- 6.12 we are putting up our christmas tree

I always put on a few kilos at Christmas time. I just love german marzipan & pepermint bark. This year  I will take some extra spinning classes in the next couple of weeks so I can eat and still look good (hahaha)

see you soon

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Design Börse Düsseldorf 2011

There was so much to see at the Design Börse last weekend in Düsseldorf. Every design icon you ever dreamed of was there and much more... It was fun to see that mister kay and I still have the same taste.

I fell in love with the white ceramic star vase (guess I was in a Christmas mood).

There where so many cool lamps, like the Grasshopper by Greta Grossman and the Artichoke by Poul Henningsen.

More pictures of the build up on Saterday evening on the slideshow below.

If you missed it this year you definitely have to go next year.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Midcentrury magazine

The second issue of Midcentury magazine is out. You can see that they put a lot of work in it. They came up with a great second  issue with lots of information on vintage living and some great house tours. And I love the cover.

So if you only buy one magazine this month... I would go for this one.

Also I got the new cd from Lianne La Havas  today. I saw her at Jools Hollands (my friday night tv moment) in October. So I will take Lianne with me to Duesseldorf.

see you in a couple of days

Ps: I like Sabines blog & shop Azurweiss.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

christmas gifts

I had the idea to start my christmas shopping early this year. So I could enjoy the rest of december going to christmas parties and have nice coffee moments with my friends (stress free).
Oh that sounds good!

Did get a couple of gifts for my friends. My idea was to make a small art wall in Nilas room. So I got her cat girl  last week and I bought masked kitty a couple of months ago.

Also I noticed that christmas shopping is to much temptation  for me. I keep buying things for myself.


lovely winter walk

this mornig in Amsterdam

- the best  bread  in town you can get at Gebroeders Niemeijer
-  Het Grote Avontuur ( wonderful shop) has some great party poms in the moment
- lot's of cool winter jackets around in town
- I must try some Anise Milk this winter, they say you love it or hate it

Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends in the States
see you

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Designboerse Duesseldorf

We got some nice plans for the coming weekend.
Finally we will go to the Design Boerse in Duesseldorf.
(wanted to go there for a long time)

You never know we could find a fine piece of
midmodern furniture for our home.We are
lucky because the christmas market saison is also
starting this weekend in Germany (always nice).

Just started with a boxset of the Monarch of the Glen which I borrowed from
my friend. That will keep me busy for a while.

see you soon

Sunday, November 20, 2011

paper star

Look at my wonderful new paper star.

When I saw this one in a shop window in Haarlem on Friday, I knew right away I wanted it. Now it is hanging in my living room and it makes me happy looking at it.

Take care and  see you soon

Thanks everone for your votes on my ideabook on Houzz. If you haven't done it yet please have a look and vote for me by leaving a comment (and no, a 'Facebook Like' doesn't count as a vote).

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jane Packer

I was very saddend & shocked  to hear that
my favorite floral designer
passed away couple of days ago

rest in peace Jane

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

vote for me

The people from Houzz asked me if I would like to join their Houzz Holiday Contest. So last weekend we did a photo shoot in our home.

It was like an early Christmas party at our home. This year our colors will be white with a danish red and a touch of green. Lots of candles, paper stars from Mister Kay and winter berries.

So if you like it you can vote for me & Mister Kay by leaving a comment here.

The nice thing is that you can also win a price if I turn out to be the winner of this contest so have a look.

see you and thanks

Sunday, November 13, 2011

cozy sunday

I'm a bit behind with my paperwork & co. After working
this morning we are having a cozy Sunday afternoon.
As you can see my cat Icy joins our lazy Sunday mood.

-this week-

- we got our fist winter berries (they are so pretty in small simple vases)

- found Bolig Liv in my letterbox (one of my fav mags)

- we really enjoyed  the movie Mister Nice

burntfeather I love her prints but blog is also fun

-  John Lewis made a   cute christmas ad  this year 

take it easy

Friday, November 11, 2011

The New Artisans

I really like Oliver Dupon's new book The New Artisans. It's so inspiring and the photos are just amazing. Wonderful to see some of my blog friends in the book. Also I know for sure now I have to buy a larger house, so I can keep collecting art.

Exellent Christmas gift for a art & craft lovers.

enjoy your weekend


ps: really enjoy the short films from Sophie & Liberty

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Valentines in Whistable is a cool vintage shop.They got a great range of vintage furniture and also nice secondhand clothes. We met Mick. He is one of the owners, lovely guy and very helpful.

Can you imagine that big M on your livingroom wall? Cool!

Make sure you pop in if you are in my fav seaside town.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

girlie talk

After a good class in the Gym (body balance) this morning I left sweaty and happy, lol.
I went to see my  friend Yvonne. She wanted me to help her rearrange her livingroom .
We had  lots of fun!

How often do you change your home deco???
I seen some really nice furniture and co in the new John Lewis catalogue.
Also nice to mix vintage with some new pieces.

-I really like Odette in New York

and this is for Smokin Jo Fraser, rest in peace 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

this weekend

this weekend... we worked all weekend on the hall...

  we only went for an hour to a small local flea market

but we drank a lot of coffee and did have a fine little weekend

My new ''coffee shop boy print'' from Nan Lawson makes me smile.
Started reading the Help from Kathryn Stockett.

see you

Friday, November 4, 2011

simply vintage heaven

simply vintage  heaven
Our friends Shelly& Sean  have  an amazing home, over the years they collected
some wonderful vintage pieces.
My favourite spot in there home is the dinning room. The dark walls and the chandelier are just amazing.
They created a  relaxed &colorful home where I could easily live!
Shelly is the owner of Etcetera in Margate, where she sells
great vintage furniture

enjoy your weekend

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

coat rack

I did have the idea to change my hall  for some time now. Finally last  weekend we bought this vintage coat rack. I'm very happy with it.

I also got some wall paint  'jasmine leaf'. Now you know what I will be doing next weekend.

see you

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vintage Bird

At the moment we are still living in a home without 'wallpaper' but I really want to change that. When I was a kid my parents let me choose my own wallpaper for my room and I tell you I did have a very different (weird) taste in those days, lol.

In the last two years I have seen some fantastic wallpaper in shops, magazines and blogs. Vintage Bird in Hastings has a great collecting and they also do mailorder.

Now I wonder do you have wallpaper in your home ?? And if yes, what kind of ?

see you

- I just love Downtown Abbey  (would be a cool Christmas gift)
- Love, love the dark owls from Anne Wood