Tuesday, January 31, 2012

we did it

We finished our first project of 2012. I tell you that feels good!
After paining the cupboard on the weekend,
today I rearranged my china by color.
I like it, what do you think?
see you

Pina (makes me happy and I  keep watching it)
Makey Vicky, very talented lady
- I need some purple socks (wish my knitting would  be on the level of making purple socks)

Monday, January 30, 2012

some days

 Some days is nice to be home alone

Is nice to read some sweet words about  my blog , thanks myself magazine

Some times is nice to start a new vintage collection

Some days you new some new music Emeli Sande
Some days are great to try some different things.......

enjoy your week

ps: nice dutch blog Knoopjes

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese New Year

We went to Chinatown in Den Haag today. After a lovely brunch we watched  the Chinese New Year celebrations. Nila and I fallen madly in love with the cute lions. The white one was my favorite.

The opening and the following parade tell the story about the lion waking up at the end of the year. He is hungry and starts looking for food.

Everybody hangs a lettuce plant above the front door for the lion to eat. This will please the lion and brings the people good luck and prosperity in the coming year.

So the lions go through every street eating the lettuce. It's a very colorful festival with drums and lots of fireworks.

Happy new year,

Friday, January 27, 2012

Weekend mood

Finally weekend is here. After a busy week I'm wishing for a calm weekend .
Feel like a long family brunch and it would be nice if I find the time to make a cake.

see you

PS: did I tell you that

- I got a calender from Matti Pikkujamsa  for Christmas
- I really enjoyed The Iron Lady
- I want the new CD from Lana Del Ray
- nice food blog Scandi Foodie

Thursday, January 26, 2012

spring flowers & co

I keep bringing home this kind of soft colored vases, some of them are vintage but most of them are not older then 10 years. They just look so pretty in a group or with spring flowers. Tell me which combination you like most. For me it's photo number 3.

- Been talking to my girlfriends today to join or start a vintage Bake Club. Swapping recipes and trying new cakes. I really like the idea.

see you soon

- My next book will be Pure by Andrew Miller (winner of the Costa book prize)

- If you have time join the Chinese New Year celebration in London or DenHaag  this weekend.

- My favorite snack at the moment Very Peculiar by Marmite

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

fairy garden

I work from home, so I try to get into my garden every day in spring .

At the moment my garden looks more like a wet fairy garden. But soon it will be time to start some pruning  and I still have to order tomato seeds .

see you

 -really want to see  My week with Marilyn
- we all should go to the Vogue Festival in London
- love the work of Jens Bonnke

Monday, January 23, 2012

half way

Here is a little sneak peak:
We are half way, still have to  paint the inside of the cupboard.
enjoy your week

see you

PS: cute Bandit penguins from Udder

Sunday, January 22, 2012

spare money

Just made a list of things I spent all my spare money on:

- Travel  =  weekend trips, summer holidays , day trips

- Books and music  =  I still buy Cd's and lots of books (I just love to read)

- Vintage  =  is also a future investment  and a big passion

- Art  =  prints  from etsy and tinyshowcase

- Sports & Gym  =  membership and sneakers. I sport 5 day in a week. That means I start to have a collection of sneakers (running shoes, Gym sneakers). I should look for a sponsor who sends me free sneakers  to try out (dream on).

Tell me what is your weakness? Where is all your spare money going?

see you

Winter Writers' Retreat with my friend Amy, sounds amazing
 ( wish Me and my camera could go there )

Etta James rest in peace

Saturday, January 21, 2012

tea & festival

More tea and less coffee ( not  easy for me)

Here are some vintage festivals dates.

Hep Cats Holiday Weekenders
30.03 till 02.04  ,Great Yarmouth ,Norfolk ,UK

Brighton Jukebox  Festival and Retro fair
28 & 29 of April, in Brighton, UK

Hemsby 48 Rock'N' Roll Festival
11 of May till 14 of May in Hemsby ,UK

Das 50er-70er Jahre Festival
4 & 5 of August in Cologne ,Germany

 see you

PS:   nice dutch blog Karibomari

pretty butterfly  and moth prints at Tinyshowcase

Friday, January 20, 2012

nearly weekend moments



My Friday weekend feeling  didn't start off too well.
I woke up to a 
  • broken coffee maker
  • sick kid
  • messy home
enjoy your weekend

PS: for my birthday I want some Empress Sisi's Diamond Stars

- blog of the week: little green shed


Thursday, January 19, 2012

de mooiste muren

This morning I went to my friends shop
de mooiste muren  in Haarlem  


Finally I got some paint for my living room
cupboard. My friend Veerle is so good with colors.
 I came home with Vincent from Little Greene.
There is still some wallpaper on my wishing list, lol.

see you

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

little collection

I saw these funny and pretty  birthday candle holders the fist time at Pfefferminza.

They are not easy to find here but last summer I was lucky to find some vintage ones at the flea market  in Germany. Not sure if they got a name but they also look  nice on the wall.

see you

- very colorful blog Pusteblomster
- love April from Chanel
- got my first cold of the year
-  did  I tell you that  I love Cold Feet

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


How is your week  going?

There is so much to do here. Lots of new ideas and plans! Sometimes I just want to sit down and don't move.
Light blue chair by Geoffrey Harcourt in 1967 for Artifort.
Green cushions made by my friend Zoe
The lamps are from Mister Kay's private collection.
The small lamp is a Kaiser lamp and the large one a Jielde

Love  Lillibeth  handmade by  Alessandra

Saturday, January 14, 2012


When I walked in to Gosto today I felt like a kid in a candy store. 
What I really liked about the shop was that Sonia the owner and I like the same
kind of art and homeware. There was the work from Fine Litte Day, Ana Ventura,
Jurianne Matter, Isak...  and lots more.

see you soon

Friday, January 13, 2012

my Friday

My Friday (a day full of coffee)

- school run
- spinning class
- coffee with a friend talking about cooking lessons & healthy living
- nice walk
- to the music store looking for a good Ukulele
- more coffee with another friend talking colors & trends

What a nice little day!
How was your day?

enjoy your weekend

ps. Love The Joy of Books

- my blog of the week  fjordlykke

Thursday, January 12, 2012

snail mail part 2

Finally  Icy got her own little red scarf

Here is a little parcel peek.

We got two red cat scarfs made by Kenty.
A Milktea calender (her white cat looks very much like Elvis)
Some postcards

Thank you Kenty, great parcel


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

snail mail

Rain and a grey sky today. I was lucky to receive a beautiful snail mail parcel from my flickr friend Kenty this morning. I will keep it till Mister Kay gets home and open it tonight.

see you soon

ps: really did enjoy watching The Great Sport Relief Bake Off  last night.

- I want the  Deer Lady from  Sandra Dieckmann

- nice voice  Philipp Poisel

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

little bit of happiness

we love our Anke Weckmann  calender

really good  magazine Oh Comely

After two weeks holidays I started with the Gym again on Monday morning. I tell you I feel a bit sore today but it's good to be back.

Starting  2012 with a new fav color... blue.
Bought some blue trousers and some blue cushions.

see you

Sunday, January 8, 2012

perfectly chilled

Mister Kay just told me that we are going to Whistable  in a couple of weeks. That means I will have my birthday in the UK... nice. I could have a little birthday party there.

Our 2012 Lunar  Phase Calender arrived a couple of days ago. I really liked the green color from last year but I'm sure the blue will grow on me.

enjoy the rest of your  Sunday


my Sunday music: Arvo Part


I have been eating so much sweets and co the last couple of  weeks that it is time for less sugar from now on.
So it was funny to see that there is sugar everywhere, also at the  little organic market in Amsterdam this afternoon.

see you

ps: wonderful blog full of art Animalarium

Love the music from Boy & Bear

Friday, January 6, 2012

pastel friday

Only started to collected pastel ceramic  couple of years ago.
 I really like nesting bowls , got lots of them,lol

Green,grey and yellow are my main pastel colors , not much pink and light blue

good morning,
Thinking of painting  my cupboard in the living room.White would be easy color,but I do like
colors from Little Greene.
Spearmint  is my favorite. Not sure...yet??

enjoy  your weekend


ps: We watched  Oranges and Sunshine  last night. A must-see

Thursday, January 5, 2012


a touch of spring

Icy... showing me how to take it easy

we had some really pretty Christmas cards  this year

Have you been to movies in the last couple of weeks?
Here is a list of movies I really really want to see

- The Help
- Puss in Boats
-The Muppets

see you soon