Sunday, August 30, 2009

best of summer 2009

it's getting dark early( around 21:00)...taste of autumn
guess it's time for our best of summer moments 2009
and my summer favorites
-homemade bread( thanks Mette for teaching me)
-Stieg Larsson - was my book heaven this summer
-kings of Leon my summer music
-blueberries,blueberries and more blueberries my summer fruit
-breakfast in the garden( everyday of the week)
-best buy, my new sun glasses
-best vintage find this summer(in Denmark) my Rosti mixing bowls( more about it soon)

tell me about your summer fav?!

Friday, August 28, 2009


guess we all know Miffy (Miffy is a small female
rabbit drawn by Dick Bruna) Her original dutch name is Nijntje

Today we went to the Dick Bruna house and I tell you I did have fun

Dick Bruna did much more than just Miffy. I personally love his designs for the Havank books.

-long summer , let's go to France...I don't speak french and I never go to France but there are some great french blogs Cabri Ole , la lune dans le ciel and Lou&Tom
guess I should make plans to go back to France one day

enjoy your weekend

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Next week we are back to daily life, at the moment we still got holidays...
my friend Mette told me about Valby-Copenhagen and I did find some great shops there, guess you can call Copenhagen vintage heaven.

Quriosa is my fav, the owner is very sweet and you find wonderful vintage in the shop for great prices...

there is a second vintage shop in the Gammel Jernbanevej, Moster Olga..which also has a wondeful collection of beautiful vintage...

By the way... we are addicted to The Shield at the moment.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

home-sweet home

hi, hey, hello, hallo
we are home and I hope you are all well
I will tell you about my time in Copenhagen and Hamburg soon but I tell you now we did find some wonderful vintage

Breakfast in Hamburg. I love the German breadrolls.

My dream home. Blankenese in Hamburg.

Long summer..this time 'good old Germany'
magamarina my fav Germany blog
and there is also sans soucis ( a nice dutch woman living in Berlin)
-lot's of handmade goodies at Dawanda
-I love the new cut magazine and vogue

Monday, August 3, 2009

car -luggages-books

couple of more days and we are on the way to Copenhagen
can't wait to see my friend Mette
2weeks without internet and phone ... lot's of time for some good books,nice beaches and vintage hunting

take care and I see you soon

-long summer
Denmark- they got wonderful cake and empty beaches
Tracy ,Kirsten and atherosclerosis

and some cool summer music Cocosuma , thanks lalunedansleciel for sharing

Saturday, August 1, 2009

acapulco & mint

this week, I was lucky to find an Acapulo rocking chair, they were designed around 1950's in Acapulco Mexico, unknown designer( guess I'm lucky in the moment)

-friend & stylist Jose did send me Mint magazine,

-my fav food this summer are blueberries
(there is a blueberry nusery very close to my house) and soya beans

- Nila( little monster ) loves her vintage globe collection from the 1950

-long summer
one day I would love to go to New Zealand...guess it's winter over there at the moment, let's have a look tinnyhappy, anknelandburblets and heartfelt