Monday, March 2, 2009

flea market

spring is the best time for flea markets (yard sales).
when I was living in London, I was at Camden Market(my flat was 2 minutes from Portobello market) every weekend , my parents also love flea markets and you can find them there on Sunday mornings ... the pictures are from last summer in Tisvilde
in Denmark. I'm sure I will be back there later this year.

my top 5:

-Canterbury market on Sunday (small market but very good)
-Dutch church flea markets (love them,only on Saturdays)
-Düsseldorf at the Großmarkt (ones a months,great ceramic and co)
-Edinburgh car boot at the airport (great for toys, books and cd's)
-Tisvilde, Denmark (great in the summer, also close to the beach)


polkadots said...

I'm looking so forward to going to fleamarkets again! Guess it will take one more month until the fleamarket - season will start in Austria.
And I'm only three months away from visiting London's Portobello Road again. Hope there won't be as many tourists, as there were the last time I went there.
PS: I'm a bit jealous of the fact that you lived in the most beautiful city of the world!

Mette said...

Great! Perhaps I can join you next time in Tisvildeleje....!? I would love to.

Black on White said...

Fleamarkets are great but unfortunately here isn't so good ones. It's quite rare that I find something to take home with.
It is always as pleasant to find something special.
I noticed that you have asked me about finnish music. I will answer you tomorrow.
I haven't forget, the weekend was just a busy.

Have a nice week!

Waiting for good fleamarket season

nkp said...

One of my all time favorite activities. I can only imagine the thrill of a European flea lucky, lucky girl! :-D

Sonja said...

I like Your blog very much- as I also have great interest in vintage stuff and flea market finds! In Helsinki there is a great outdoor fleamarket in the summertime, the athmosphere is so nice in a warm summer morning. Unfortunately the prices can be a bit high..

zwergenrocker said...

love your blog always so inspiring, you have such a perfect eye for vintage intererior,so nice.When I lived in London, i was in Camden every weekend,too.I miss it, but we´re thinking to spend our holiday in Denmark this year and maybe we can visit the one in Tisvilde. Thank you for your Top 5, Grootjes n.

amy said...

I just went to our flea market on Sunday, and everyone was sad. I was sad because I promised to slow down on buying things, the vendors were sad because no one is buying anything. There were wonderful things too, painted curio cabinets and iron dressforms for the garden. I hope people are treasure hunting in Europe, Kay, your markets look like such fun.

*tatjana* said...

...thank you for your comment... i like your vintage treasures!

mimi charmante said...

I absolutely ADORE a good flea market! My perfect day includes hours spent searching through all of those treasures!
Thank you for finding me so that I could in turn find you!