Friday, March 6, 2009

things to do this weekend

what will you do this weekend??
-guess we will be in the studio shooting some chairs
- hope to start a new book
-on Sunday I will meet my brother.. to go ceramic hunting and have some brunch together

enjoy your weekend


Black on White said...

Your weekend plans sounds good!
I have reserved time in beauty salon tomorrow morning and after that my nieces will come to visit.
Have a lovely weekend!

Allison said...

Everything that a weekend should be... a little relaxing, a little creativity, and a little time with loved ones. Enjoy!

Jeannette said...

I join you in the hunting.:)
Sunday we will go to the fleamarket in Friedrichshain, Berlin. My favorite one. And afterwards lunch. Also a favorite thing to do. :)
Happy hunting!

anna said...

love those birds!

i'm going to putter around the house tomorrow -- have it to myself while my husband's at a conference. and then wander around the city and take photos on sunday.

have a great weekend, kay!

polkadots said...

Lovely plans for your weekend!
I'll have a relaxed one:
brunch, some chit - chat with my friends, reading a good book...

Mette said...

Happy ceramic hunting! Love the wood apple. Enjoy brunch. ;-)

Elsa said...

Nice that you visited my blog and left a message, your blog is interesting, the treasure corner, wow, me likey!

Have a nice weekend!

Katja said...

Hope you are having a nice weekend, sounds like you will :) Oh that apple is so amazing!

malo said...

Oh, there's the apple! I love it! Hope your weekend was great.