Wednesday, March 4, 2009



the new marimekko catalog , so vintage
love it


nkp said...

I've harbored a huge Marimekko crush for a long, long time. That looks like a great catalog, gorgeous prints and textiles.

We have a sofa covered in a fun, graphic black and white marimekko fabric and it is one of my favorites!

polkadots said...

I've just fallen in love with this beautiful design!

Allison said...

What a great find... those teacups are fabulous! I have to admit, sometimes it is a little bit messy business to wipe the drool from ones computer screen.

Merja said...

Oh, you got a catalog!

To us Finns Marimekko is probably not quite as exciting as others, but do have some new energy these days, definitely. I like that Kalevala print in blue and white.

By the way, was your cat a mix of abyssinian and something else? I used to have an aby cat but then got allergic.

anna said...

love marrimekko -- so full of life!

Black on White said...

I feel always happy when foreign people likes Marimekko. It's quite old brand and I think that Finns doesn't appreciate that enough.

I have curtains straight from 70's, for example Kaivo and Unikko. Same prints are available also nowadays but not in same colors.

One of my favorite is Lumimarja. I have it pink and white.